The Concept of Human Security

What is
Human Security ?

This animation 
explains what
Human Security is
and why it is


The UN approach to human security
represents a much broader and
comprehensive approach to inter-
dependent threats that endanger humans.

The UN approach emphasises both
the protection of civilians and the
empowerment of civil society.

Resources for

MSP Manual Glossary

This glossary provides an extensive list of definitions of essential human security coordination terms.

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UNITAR Toolbox - A How-to
Guide on Facilitating Learning

This how-to guide builds on the specific expertise of UNITAR and focuses on how to design and deliver adult training and to
capitalize on capacity development.

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Handbook User's
Guide and Scenarios

This training emphasizes participatory learning through three scenarios that offer examples of the civil-military-police challenges in real-to-life complex environments.

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Why is Contextualising important

The structural causes and root causes that
lead to violence are part of a context and are
influenced by it. A context-specific conflict analysis provides a deeper understanding
of the broader situation, including
all economic, social
and political


Strategies to Contextualise
Training Materials and Approaches

Bring together a core multi-stakeholder
group to design the training together

Identify the right terminology, relevant stakeholders and key challenges and
issues to human security

Co-facilitation between civil society and security sector representatives where possible from the context; or consider "insider/outsider" co-facilitation

Select case studies from the context/region
or adapt the scenario to relate to key
issues in the context.

Example: Background Note 
for African Practitioners

By Ruth Alluoch Bolline, IPTSC (Kenya)

In this brief foreword addressed to
peacebuilding practitioners who work on
the African continent, Ruth Alluoch Bolline
situates the training content in a specific
political, cultural and economic context
to ensure it relates to relevant policies.

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Activity Reports

2013 - 2014

Executive Summary: Global Civil Society Reference Group on Security Sector and Civil Society Engagement for Human Security, ECOGIA Center, Versoix, 8-9 October 2013.

Peacebuilding Approaches to Training
and Dialogue with Security Forces

North American Working Group Meeting,
Washington D.C., January 6-7 2014.

Full Report, hosted by GPPAC and PAX,
The Hague, 11-12 February 2014.

Executive Summary, hosted by GPPAC
and PAX, The Hague, 11-12 February 2014.

2015 - 2016

Global Conference report - "Preparing a New Generation of Civil-Military-Police Coordination for Human Security",
CCOE, The Hague, 9-11 December 2015.

Experts Review and Validation Workshop on the Handbook on Human Security, Nairobi, December 7 2016.

GPPAC ECA Regional Workshop - Multi-Stakeholder Coordination for Human Security, 5-6 September 2017,
Kampala, Uganda.

Improving Our Training Capacities and Partnerships for Human Security,
hosted by GPPAC, The Hague.