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On this page you can find resources produced by this project, articles on related topics, and presentations from consultation meetings. For now, topics are divided into "Publications on Related Topics" and "Case Studies" which are highlights from the resources available, please scroll down to browse through the document library which contains all of the available resources.

Publications on Related Topics

Security Sector Reform

UN: SSR and Peacebuilding

CIE and Clingandael: Promoting Conflict Prevention through SSR

ASSN: SSR in Peace Agreements

DCAF: Back to the Roots: Security Sector Reform and Development

OECD: "Security Sector Reform: What Have We Learned?"

Partners for Democratic Change: Security Governance Accountability Performance (S-GAP) - A Framework and Guide for Improving Security


Civil-Military Relations

ACCORD: Civil-Military Coordination in UN and African Peace Operations

Alliance for Peacebuilding:"Civil Society-Military Roadmap on Human Security"

Alliance for Peacebuilding  "Military Assistance to Peacebuilding"

DCAF: "Measuring the Impact of Peacebuilding Interventions on Rule of Law and Security Institutions"

Stimson Center: "Protecting Civilians: Proposed Principles for Military Operations"

Stimson Center: "Addressing the Doctrinal Deficit: Developing Guidance to Prevent and Respond to Widespread or Systematica Attacks Against Civilians"


Public Oversight of the Security Sector

International Alert: Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender"

UNDP: Public Oversight of the Security Sector: A Handbook for Civil Society Organizations


Community Security

DCAF: Local Ownership and Security Sector Reform

Stimson Center: "Community Self-Protection Strategies: How Peacekeepers can Help or Harm"

Stimson Center: "Community Perceptions as a Priority in Protection and Peacekeeping"

SaferWorld: "Community Security: Rethinking Policy and Strategy for Modern Security Challenges"

UNDP: "Community Security and Social Cohesion"


Organised Crime

International Alert: The New Deal's Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals and Organized Crime"

Public Documents and Media

CivMilPol15 Conference Photos
Concept notes
Cultural Understanding between Security Forces and Civil...

Interesting Links

Security Sector Reform Resource Centre

Human Security Tools - provided by UN Human Security Unit

2011 World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development 

Security in Transition - London School of Economics (LSE) interdisciplinary investigation into 'the security gap'.

Whose Police? An Open Security series on the tension between service and control.