Curriculum Development Military Reference Group - 2 December 2014 and 5 August 2014

Members of the planning consortium for this project at the Alliance for Peacebuilding met with military trainers from the US Army War College's Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, and other military trainers from other military academies to review the content of our training modules.

Military Reference Group on Conflict Transformation in Professional Military Education & Training - August 2014-December 2014

Consortium members met with key military trainers to test the curriculum themes and outline.

Pilot Trainings, US Military, February 2014 - January 2015

We conducted 18 separate trainings and presentations at 12 different US and NATO military training centers to gather their feedback and input into the curriculum.

First Global Civil Society Reference Group Meeting - 8-9 October 2013, Geneva

After widespread consultations and mapping, the first Reference Group meeting for the project took place in Geneva on 8-9 October. Hosted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the group brought together GPPAC members and partners from Palestine, Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, Ghana, South Africa, Palestine, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka – practitioners who all have been involved in training or engagement of security sector actors in one way or another. In discussing the curriculum outline, the participants shared their own experiences, determined how the project could best bring an added value, and revisited the political and learning objectives of the planned curriculum.
The group concluded that the project should lead to two distinct products: a handbook for civil society and security sector engagement, accompanied by a set of training modules on specific topics ranging from core concepts to processes and skills that can enhance such engagement. A number of case studies and possibilities for testing and rolling out the training curriculum were also discussed.  

Military Support to Peacebuilding Conference - 14 November 2013, Washington DC

The Alliance for Peacebuilding cosponsored a one-day conference with the US Civil Affairs Reserve Officers Assosication. Click here to read a 2 page policy brief on "Military Support to Peacebuilding."

Consultation Roundtable Meeting - 6-7 January 2014, Washington DC

On January 6-7 we held the first consultation roundtable meeting of 2014. Held in Washington DC for US-based civil society organisations, the meeting focused on topics such as peacebuilding approaches to national security dialogue and women engaging with SSR interventions. The 28 participants, which also included the UN SSR Unit and UNITAR, shared experiences from the field and participated in group discussions to give their input and response to the draft curriculum outline of this project. Please see the full agenda here. Click here to read a blog by Partners for Democratic Change on the event.

Consultation Roundtable Meeting in The Hague - 11-12 February 2014 , The Hague

On February the 11-12 we held our second consultation roundtable meeting of 2014. We brought various Europe based non-governmental organisations together and gathered in The Hague. Participating organisations included international Alert, Saferworld, Cordaid, and others. The focus of the meeting was to collect further input and feedback for the training curriculum. The 15 participating organisations where there to share their experiences and resources on how to support better security sector and civil society relations. Please see the full agenda here.

'Military Support to Peacebuilding' conference

First Global Civil Society Reference Group Meeting

First Consultation Roundtable Meeting