No one group can achieve human security on their own without working with others

Civil society, military and police all have roles to play in achieving human security. This online platform recognises the need for such an integrated civil-military-police training to enable joint learning and relationship building. It provides an innovative, first of its kind integrated civil-military-police curriculum (the Handbook), as well as the guidance and relevant additional resources (local ownership case studies, resources for trainers, and testimonials) to conduct effective human security coordination.

"We have to fully
comprehend the power
of this platform to shift
the paradigm and the narrative on the
importance of
civil-military police coordination among civilians, the military, police, policymakers
and practitioners"

Introduction to Human Security Coordination

For an introduction to the concepts of
Human Security Coordination 
and Local Ownership


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A Civil Society Consortium Effort

Global Partnership for the
Prevention of Armed Conflict

GPPAC is building a new international consensus and enabling joint action to prevent violent conflict and promote peacebuilding, based on regional and global action agendas.

GPPAC is a global network of civil society organisations committed to act to prevent
the escalation of conflict into violence,
at national, regional and global levels.

It aims to build a multi-stakeholder partnership including civil society, governments, regional organisations and the UN.

Alliance for Peacebuilding 

AfP program on human security works to achieve a people-centered security strategy, which is a more successful, cost-effective, and sustainable national security strategy than traditional approaches.

The program opens channels of communication between the Pentagon and local civil society organizations (CSOs) working to build human security from the ground up through conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security, and Col (ret) Chris Holshek, Senior Civil-Military Advisor at AfP are the lead staff and contacts for the Civil Society and Security Sector Engagement for Human Security Project, including civil society, governments, regional organisations and the UN.

Kroc Institute for International
Peace Studies

Kroc Institute The University
of Notre Dame's Kroc Institute is one of the world's leading centers for the study of the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace.

The faculty and fellows conduct inter-
disciplinary research on a wide range of
topics related to peace and justice.


This 3-year project was delivered by a consortium of civil society organizations supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and a 3-year grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.